Main Lessons are unique to the Waldorf Curriculum, providing every pupil with a broad spectrum of learning experiences throughout their education. 


At a time where most young people become specialised as a result of their exam choices, pupils at Edinburgh Steiner School continue to study a broad spectrum of arts, sciences, crafts and humanities in addition to their national exam subjects. They are able to do so because of the Main Lesson Programme 


The schedule of Main Lessons is carefully constructed to provide a balance between the disciplines, while the subjects themselves are selected to be appropriate for a particular age group and developmental stage. In this way, the Main Lessons enjoyed by each year group come to be defined and coordinated by an overall ‘theme’. 


Main Lessons normally last between three and four weeks. Certain Main Lessons. In Classes 11 and 12, the daily Main Lesson is slightly reduced in length to accommodate the examination subjects.

Class 9: Contrasts

Class 10: Limits

Throughout the academic year:

Class 11: Journey

Throughout the academic year:

Class 12: Synthesis

As a result of the Main Lesson Programme, irrespective of whether pupils veer towards the arts, humanities or sciences in their exam choices, they continue to receive a valuable grounding across all subjects. 

National exams are taken in Classes 10, 11 and 12, with a mixture of National 4s and 5s, Highers and an Advanced Higher (Art) being offered; as well as the Integrated Education suite of qualifications.

Qualifications, Exams and Carrers Handbook (2023