After last year’s Class 12 produced an online, animated version of the Kings’ Play, this year sees pupils once again performing live in the School Hall.

Sadly audiences remained limited to staff and pupils from Class 6 upwards; however it was filmed (above) and photographed (below) by Ewan Mathers Photography and shared here for the wider community. 

Angel – Jay
Page – Ms Hill
King Melchior – Yuri
Viligratia – Roseanna
King Balthazar – Daniel
King Caspar – Cenk
Devil – Harpreet
King Herod – Marius
Lackey – Sonny
Caiaphas – Cara
Pilate – Goerge
Jonas – Fern
Mary – Poppy
Joseph – Elliot
Captain – Carmen
Judas – Fern
Soldier – Saul
Costumes by Jay*
Poster by Fern
Lighting by Roseanna**
Sound by Ewan Mathers

Many thanks to the below people for their time and support: 

*Mrs McHaffie

**Nick Brett

Ewan Mathers Photography  – photography, filming and sound (above) 

Filip Holacky  – transposing and playing for the recording to be made for the performance  

Carlijn Metselaar, Music Teacher, during rehearsals.

Learn more about the third play in the trilogy of Uberufer Plays traditionally performed in Waldorf schools around the world.   

We invite you to listen to the special radio play production (below) made in 2021.