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Celebrating over 82 years of Steiner Waldorf education in Edinburgh; and over 100 years globally, we are still the largest and fastest-growing independent educational movement worldwide. There are now almost 1,200 schools and over 2,000 Kindergartens, in some 80 countries, based on the internationally recognized Steiner Waldorf curriculum.  We offer an important alternative to mainstream independent education in Scotland. 

Class 8 Play

The tradition within Steiner Waldorf Education of offering a major drama production has become a cornerstone of the curriculum for Class 8. The play is the culmination of an eight year educational cycle, which has been under the supervision of a Class teacher and is perceived as a bridge between Lower and Upper School.

A programme of drama is carefully developed over the educational cycle, becoming part of Class 8’s timetable. The performance marks the transition in a creative and transformative way.

Pedagogical theatre is a discipline as important as any other pursued in school. It entertains, inspires and instructs in a way that is only possible when the human being, as an enactor, performs a story before other human beings. It creates moments of artistic communion that lead us to clearer understandings of what it means to be a becoming human being, both individually, and in community.

Arthur Pittis (1996, p.31)