Edinburgh Steiner School Talks & Webinars

Celebrating over 82 years of Steiner Waldorf education in Edinburgh; and over 100 years globally, we are still the largest and fastest-growing independent educational movement worldwide. There are now almost 1,200 schools and over 2,000 Kindergartens, in some 80 countries, based on the internationally recognized Steiner Waldorf curriculum.  We offer an important alternative to mainstream independent education in Scotland. 

As part of Class 4‘s four-week ‘The Human Being and the Animals Main Lesson each pupil undertakes an animal project, making a 3D model of an animal of their choosing, accompanied by a written report collating their research and delivering a talk to their class of peers. It is important the projects include oral, artistic and written elements.

Children from various other classes are invited to see the exhibition of Animal Projects. The 9- and 10 year old pupils usually have their desks in a circle with their projects on top to enable the visitors to walk around and ask questions.

Overview of Class 4 curriculum can be viewed here.