Art Exhibitions

Longstanding art teacher, Penny Reid, provides opportunities for candidates to develop breadth, challenge and application. This practical and experiential course focuses on the development of creativity and on honing research skills. 

Pupils develop skills and qualities that are in demand in many different careers: independence, flexibility and resilience when approaching tasks; draw on their understanding of expressive art when developing and resolving their ideas and artwork; reach informed creative decisions and manage their own learning through planning and research; broaden their understanding of visual culture and make connections between ideas and contexts.

The Advanced Higher Art course is the culmination of an entire curriculum that has woven aesthetic appreciation and creative expression into its pedagogy. Advanced Higher Art & Design results are outstanding, with all candidates achieving an ‘A’ grade for three consecutive years (2021 – 2023), with fifteen pupils achieving 100%.

  Advanced Higher Art & Design (2023)




2022 Advanced Art

Advanced Higher Art pupils in Class 12 exhibit their full portfolios in the School Hall for peers and the wider school community to view on 24th and 25th May, 2022. Three images from each pupil’s study sheets are exhibited online below; giving a glimpse of their body of work in progress. (Ten art pieces from their GCSE portfolios can also be visited below from 2021). 

The portfolios of candidates – Yuri Kelly and Roseanna Holbrook, were selected to be included in an SQA online exhibition in 2023 (see Flair Exhibition). 

GCSE & Advanced Higher Art Portfolios (2021)