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Celebrating over 82 years of Steiner Waldorf education in Edinburgh; and over 100 years globally, we are still the largest and fastest-growing independent educational movement worldwide. There are now almost 1,200 schools and over 2,000 Kindergartens, in some 80 countries, based on the internationally recognized Steiner Waldorf curriculum.  We offer an important alternative to mainstream independent education in Scotland. 

Art exam pupils exhibited in the School Hall over 14th – 18th June 2021; GCSE pupils opening to family on Monday evening, followed by Advanced Higher pupils on Wednesday evening. Class bubbles of peers aged 6 – 18 and teachers were invited to walk round the exhibition during the school day.

A selection of ten pieces from each pupil’s extensive body of over 50 works are exhibited here, in Edinburgh Steiner School’s first online art exhibition for our wider community to enjoy.   

Cara - GCSE Art (2021)
Cara's GCSE portfolio: 'Dogs'
Yuri - GCSE Art (2021)
Yuri's GCSE portfolio: 'Cats'
Marius - GCSE Art (2021)
Marius's GCSE portfolio: 'Dislocation In Contemporary Society'
Jay - GCSE Art (2021)
Jay's GCSE portfolio: 'What You Wear Controls You'
Harpreet - GCSE Art (2021)
Harpreet's GCSE portfolio: ''Bees and Pollution'
Emil - GCSE Art (2021)
Emil's GCSE portfolio: 'Darker Self'
Indio - Advanced Higher (2021)
Indio's Advanced Higher portfolio: 'Sleep'
Ash - Advanced Higher (2021)
Ash's Advanced Higher portfolio: 'Journey'
Oliza - Advanced Higher (2021)
Oliza's Advanced Higher portfolio: 'Transcendence'
Iona- Advanced Higher (2021)
Iona's Advanced Higher portfolio: 'Illness'
Maggie - Advanced Higher (2021)
Maggie's Advanced Higher portfolio: 'Self Portrait'
Eva - Advanced Higher (2021)
Eva's Advanced Higher portfolio: 'Domesticated'

A unique aspect of the Steiner Waldorf curriculum is the integration of the arts into all academic disciplines throughout the education. This encourages the pupils’ emotional engagement with their learning, as well as developing their imagination and freedom of thinking, and instilling aesthetic appreciation.

Art Teacher, Penny Reid, recently had her own acclaimed art exhibition showing 49 pieces painted over the last three years. (Read more). ‘An exciting artist of true integrity’ (Alison Auldjo, Director of the Union Gallery, The Herald)Penny has taught at the School since 1998, with an almost 100% A* examinations history, such is her ability to inspire and encourage her pupils.