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Celebrating over 82 years of Steiner Waldorf education in Edinburgh; and over 100 years globally, we are still the largest and fastest-growing independent educational movement worldwide. There are now almost 1,200 schools and over 2,000 Kindergartens, in some 80 countries, based on the internationally recognized Steiner Waldorf curriculum.  We offer an important alternative to mainstream independent education in Scotland. 


ESS does not select on academic ability. Our curriculum ensures that irrespective of exam choices, pupils receive a broad education. Children start formal learning up to 2.5 years later than mainstream schools. AND YET… academic performance is well above the national average, with small ratios of pupils:teacher.

Differing from all schools in the Capital in both curriculum and approach, this 4-minute film from top performing ESS provides a window into the busy and unhurried first year of the international Steiner Waldorf school curriculum, beginning in the August after a child’s sixth birthday.
It offers P1 and P2 pupils a second chance to embark on a school career embedded in an age-appropriate approach, joining transitioning Kindergarteners in the classroom where subject matter is structured to accord foremost to a child’s feelings and artistic sense in the younger years.
The last of a series of seven films directed by award-winning education filmmaker, Saskia Anley-McCallum; accompanied by cameraman (and former ESS pupil) John Main, as well as Mintuu. The editor on this film was Craig Moore. Time to Learn compliments our recent Now We Are Six film (below) and Early Years film (2020).   

Now We Are Six 

A short 12-minute documentary by award-winning filmmaker, Saskia Anley-Mccallum, delving behind one of the youngest school starting ages in the world to get to grips with why Scotland has failed to turn the play-based principles of CfE’s Early Level (ages 3 – 7) into practise over the last decade. Produced and financed by Edinburgh Steiner School, with the support of philanthropic organisations and individuals who share our ethos of ring-fencing a child’s learning environment between the ages of 0 – 7 years old. Viewed 32k times in the first week of airing, and shared by hundreds: #nwr6 @NowWeAreSix.film. Watch: NowWeAreSix.org 

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